cutera xeo coolglide solera water pump
cutera xeo coolglide solera water pump
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cutera xeo coolglide solera water pump
cutera xeo coolglide solera water pump
cutera xeo coolglide solera water pump


Cutera Solera Water Pump

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Cutera Coolglide Water Pump packaged and ready to ship at your request.

This water pump is compatible with:

  • Cutera Coolglide

Cutera Coolglide Water Pump Important Information

Most aesthetic laser and ipl machines use water to cool the system. The water pump pumps this water throughout the components of the machine which require cooling, such as the laser head, the flash lamp, the rod, the flow tubes and more to prevent overheating. It is important that your water pump is operational in order to, not only prevent overheating, but to prevent the issues that may arise as a result of overheating.

Cutera Coolglide Issues That Can Arise As A Result Of A Broken Water Pump

A flow error can be triggered by a malfunctioning water pump. This means that the pump is not properly circulating the water. The flow switch, which is a device used to measure the rate of water flow into the machine can break as a result. Moreover, overheating can cause a significant increase in pressure inside the machine and also jeopardize the pressure switch. The Laser head, flash lamp, flow tubes, and laser head rod can also stop working as a result of the heat and pressure.
In order to prevent costly parts and repair we strongly advise that at the first sign of a broken water pump, the machine is switched off and unplugged until a technician installs a new water pump. If you need assistance with this. Call us toll FREE at 855-527-3700. We’ll be happy to help.
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