A machine taking up space that doesn’t generate you any income?

Is your aesthetic laser machine broken and you can’t pay for repair?

Laser Tech is a top purchaser of used cosmetic laser equipment, known for paying top price for machines in any condition. We are always looking to expand our inventory of refurbished laser machines, so if you have one that you are interested in selling, you have come to the right place!

Simply fill out the form below with the information about your machine and our team of technicians will provide you with an appraisal as soon as possible. Since we are experts at selling reconditioned laser machines, we can offer you a good price for your machine, even if it is currently out of service.


Laser Machine Trade-In

If your current machine is not what you require for your business and you are looking to upgrade to something more suitable, we are here to help! We offer top value for used laser machines on trade-in and have a large inventory of both new and refurbished machines to provide you, depending on your needs.

Just contact us now to explain what machine you have to trade and what machine you are in need of. One of our experienced technicians will be able to both quote you on the value of your current machine and help you choose a new laser machine that is perfect for you.


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