Most Alma handpieces stop working somewhere between 50,000-100,000 pulses.

You, as the owner, are not to worry about high repair and maintenance costs. Laser-Tech is a trusted third-party vendor – we can repair your Alma laser with OEM parts and save you potentially thousands of dollars compared to what the original manufacturer would charge to repair Alma laser and handpieces.

Below are common repairs and services we provide for Alma laser equipment including the Alma Harmony Orion and Harmony XL systems for both cooled and non-cooled handpieces.

  • Repair and / or replacement of wiring
  • Replace damaged windows
  • Repair cracked screens
  • Clean / align optical components
  • Clean / polish reflective cavity
  • Replace damaged electrical contacts and connectors
  • Replacing outer shells
  • Service the cooling system
  • Repair power supplies
  • Replace flash lamps
  • Replace flow tubes
  • Calibration of the handpiece
  • Verify output energy
  • Reset shot count
  • Re-Calibrate Equipment


We are proud to announce, that here at Laser-Tech we are able to repair all ALMA equipment,

giving our clients a peace of mind with our 90-day WARRANTY on work performed.