Laser Tech LLC is a company that has been in the Laser Equipment Service and Parts Industry since 2011.

With an experienced team of engineers and skills laser technicians we can put your laser equipment back in business with no downtime.

Laser Tech carries a full range of replacement parts for most laser brands like Candela, Cynosure, Syneron, Palomar, Alma, Cutera, Lumenis and Sciton.

Laser Tech is also available for emergency call maintenance service and repair.

Laser Tech is committed to keep your laser equipment up and running, in most cases at the same day so you can keep running an efficient practice and prevent costly cancellations.

Laser Tech recommends a preventive Maintenance service for your laser equipment on a regular basis so your business can keep running, generating revenue and providing great service to your customers.

Laser Tech offers a great range of repair and services for most laser equipment. From rebuilding the laser head, replacing flash lamps, repairing laser and IPL hand pieces, repairing high voltage power supply, replacing optic and laser windows, and preforming laser calibration at very competitive prices. We will Repair and service your Laser Equipment according to manufacturer specifications.

Laser Tech believes client should pay only for the repair and service performed. Laser Tech does not tie up clients with yearly services.

Laser Tech also supply consumables for most laser machines, we carry a great range of products in stock and can ship within the same day.

Some of our consumables products include:

  • Syneron velashape Velaspary
  • Syneron velashape applicator
  • Candela windows
  • Candela distance gauges
  • Candela Cryogen
  • Cynosure windows and optics
  • Candela fiber optic cable
  • And many more.

Laser Tech can also provide with on-site training programs for your laser technicians and on site installation for laser equipment.

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